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Nava Ratzon RD


Your body deserves to be richly nourished and deeply loved.

Food isn’t something to fear, it’s a gift to richly nourish your body with. Transform your relationship with food in a deep and lasting way with an approach rooted in science, psychology, and ancestral wisdom.

I don’t believe in weight shaming, bread bashing or calorie counting.

I believe in the power of nutrition and the intuition of your body.

I know food can be confusing! I really get it. It’s hard to know what to eat or how to stay healthy when we’re raised with confusing (and often toxic) health messages.

But I’m not here to tell you what to eat.

I’m here to help you make a fresh start and redefine your relationship with food and your body.

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Live a beautiful life — without obsessing about food. 

Intuitive Eating

Reconnect to your body's intuitive hunger and fullness signals so that you can eat the perfect amount for your body, and not one spoon more.

Science of Food

Learn the best way to nourish your body based on the chemistry of nutrition and the biology of your body.

Ancestral Nutrition

Discover how you can include highly nutritious ancestral foods into your day to day nutrition.

Raise Confident Eaters

Teach your kids to eat confidently and develop a healthy body image, instead of requesting a scale for their birthday!


Together we’ll connect to your food, your body, and yourself. 

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Nutrition Therapy

I bring comprehensive training and professional clinical experience to effectively heal the core issue. Because healing from dieting, overeating, binging, and eating disorders needs to be done the right way.

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Private Events

Looking for an interactive group activity that will give you something more meaningful than a bunch of bruises at paintball? Treat your group to a fun, delicious, and practical workshop that will transform their relationship with food forever.

Nutrition workshop
Workshops and Master Classes

Master the art of sourdough and bake your own bread at our hands-on workshops, hosted in our beautiful family farm. Or ferment pickles at home in your pjs with our online masterclass. 

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"Nava was our anchor during our hardest moments as parents."

- D.H., Emek Hefer

Nava Ratzon dietitian

Hi, I’m Nava.

I'm a registered dietitian, fermentation freak, and ex-dieter.

Ten years ago I broke up with dieting and was left with a large void, unsure how food should fit into my life. I felt so confused.

I spent the past decade diving deep into the psychology of eating, geeking out on the biology of nutrition, visiting bubbies kitchens from all ethnicities, all with one goal-relearning how to eat.

And now, I show others how to do the same. 


Through my work as a dietitian in Israel’s leading eating disorder and obesity clinics, I have helped over a hundred women nourish their bodies with confidence, and raise their children to do the same.

Discover My Craft

Why I Bake Sourdough
Why I Ferment
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Nourished by Nava

Want to nourish your child with a positive body image?

Check out my blog for sourdough recipes, meal time tips, success stories and red flags for eating disorders.